Our Core Values
It is our prayer and hope that everyone at  Menomonie Alliance will be a part of a LifeGroup
as we seek to live out the following core values together through community and discipleship:
Divine Anticipation
Authentic Community
Missional Living
Radical Generosity
Intentional Multiplication


Begins 9/17 | Sundays, 8:30-9:45am | Room 410
The specific topic will be chosen soon, but the goal of this group is to produce disciples who are deeply rooted in Jesus and his Word.
Open to all.
Led by Homer & Diana Madison
Begins 9/17 | Sundays, 8:30-9:30am | Fireside Room
This Fall we will be looking at Joseph, a man betrayed by his brothers who became a slave, and betrayed yet again, resulting in imprisonment.
Joseph found himself alone in Egypt and forsaken.  But he forgave those responsible.  Joseph had no Bible because it did not exist yet.
He was able to forgive long before Jesus taught us to do so.  Joseph knew God’s heart and demonstrated Christlikeness.

As a young boy Joseph dreamed that God was going to bring him to a place of greatness.  Joseph’s brothers became very resentful of him as the favorite son of their father who dreamed of ruling over them.  Thinking that his brothers loved him as much as he loved them, Joseph failed to see their hearts and how much they hated him.
Explore the life of this amazing man of God as he experienced situations that would have crushed the faith of other men and chose Christlikeness instead.

Open to all.
Led by Ralph & Sharon Becker
Begins 9/17 | 6:30pm | Croscutt Home (East Menomonie)
Clarence is a retired, ordained minister, and he and Kathy have many years of ministry experience. This group will meet on 9/17 and will choose the topic and meeting time based on the needs and desires of the group.
Open to all.
Led by Clarence & Kathy Croscutt
Begins 9/18 | Mondays, 11:00am—12:30pm | Miller Home (North of Menomonie)
Join us as we meet to discuss each week’s sermon and pray together.
Open to women.
Led by Nicole Miller
Begins 10/2 | 1st & 3rd Mondays of the Month | 6:00-8:00pm | Fireside Room
Join us as we dive into the book, Mama Bear Apologetics, edited by Hillary Morgan Ferrer.
· 1st  & 3rd Mondays of the month, starting October 2nd
· 5:45pm: Childcare Check-In
· 6:00pm - 8:00pm: Fellowship, Teaching, and Small Groups
· Childcare Available: $10 per family to be paid on meeting dates (RSVP for childcare required by 9/25 if needed for 10/2)
· Sign up at machurch.net/events or in the church lobby
· Purchase your book on Amazon or Christian Book Distributors
Open to moms.
9/19 - 10/31 | Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00am | Fireside Room
Join us as we finish our study of Paul’s letter to the church at Rome. Paul concludes his message of salvation through grace by teaching grace to those who are strong in faith. He instructs the strong in faith to sacrifice their own desires so that they can live in harmony with those who are weaker in faith and not cause them to sin. Paul closes Romans by praising and glorifying the God of our salvation, stating that the gospel of Jesus Christ “has been made known to all nations” (v16:26), to Jews and Gentiles alike. Plan on several hours of independent study per week and then we will come together to share what God has revealed to us individually.
Open to women.
Led by Susanne Johnston & Sally Krier
Begins 9/19| Tuesdays, 6:30pm | East Menomonie
The Divine Conspiracy is God’s plan to intervene in human life and history today.  In a time when most believers do not see Jesus as being relevant to their daily lives, Dallas Willard brings us a picture of daily relationship and conversational intimacy with Jesus as being at the heart of the Gospel.  Instead of limiting Jesus to the afterlife, we are all invited into a living discipleship connection with our Lord and Savior that produces abundant life here on earth that will continue into eternity.
Open to all.
Led by Nathan Roesler
Begins 9/19 | 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 6:30pm | Kuck Home (Cedar Falls Area)
This LifeGroup is an introductory apologetics group.  The goal is to get people interested in and talking about apologetics, which is defending Biblical doctrine and faith, and encouraging people to dive deep in their understanding of God’s Word.  You are invited to explore this great and essential Christian practice of defending the faith.  Christian Apologetics 101 will use G3 Biblical Apologetics by Brad Anderson which is available online at no cost. “For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.”  Psalm 100:5
Open to all.
Led by Jesse Kuck
Begins 9/20 | Wednesdays, 6:30pm | Fireside Room
Join us for this 10-session study based on Jen Wilkin’s book and video series on 1, 2, and 3 John.
Book Cost: $12.50
Open to women.
Led by Elaine Lacksonen & Kathy Croscutt
Begins 9/21 | Thursdays, 5:30pm | Maves Home (Elk Mound area)
This is a study of the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in chronological order.
Open to all.
Led by Dennis & Marilyn Maves
Begins 10/5 | Thursdays, 6:00pm with meal | Paur Home (South Menomonie)
This group will be studying Philippians using the Bible study by NT Wright.
Open to all.
Led by Bryan & Carol Paur
Begins 9/21 | Thursdays, 6:30pm | Becker Home (South Menomonie)
In our Thursday LifeGroup we will be using a book called Contagious Faith by Mark Mittleberg. In Contagious Faith, author Mark Mittelberg introduces us to the five Contagious Faith Styles:  Friendship-Building, Selfless-Serving, Story-Sharing, Reason-Giving, and Truth-Telling.  Most of us have one or two of these styles.  Some people naturally make nurturing trust-based relationships, others live for the benefit of others with a servant’s heart and naturally open the hearts of others to the Gospel.  Many will share a testimony of what God has done for them or others to share their faith, while others enjoy describing all the reasons that we can find to know God loves us.  There are also those unique ones who will proclaim Gospel truth boldly and fearlessly.  We may imagine all of us need to share truth boldly or we are not sharing the Gospel properly, but Contagious Faith helps us to see that God uses many faith-sharing styles to win people’s hearts.  It often takes an unsaved person some time to come to the Lord, and these various styles may all be necessary along the journey as an unbeliever embraces a relationship with Jesus.
Open to all.
Led by Ralph & Sharon Becker
Ongoing | Fridays 5:30am | Fireside Room
This group is studying 2 Samuel. Open to men.
Led by Jason Miller

Recordings of Previous Studies

Your Genesis in Christ
God creates new life from whatever is formless and void, whether it’s the  universe or people. An enemy opposes His work. Learn the spiritual laws and conditions on which the Bible, Christ and your own life are based.
Led by Jon Chara